• • organic cells communicate amongst themselves using electromagnetic waves
  • • life is build through protein movement
  • • protein movement configures organic tissue and realizes bodily functions
  • • protein movement would not be possible without the ability of electrons to be delocalized
  • • the electrons' ability to be delocalized depends on the nature of their energy status
  • • radiation is the transmission of energy through space via electromagnetic waves
  • • energy is a dynamic value related to activity or process - the ability to perform a task
  • • every atom in the body transmits and receives energy
  • • when in balance, the cells of each organ vibrate at a particular frequency
  • • the human body should be taken as an energetic information system
  • • this energetic information system is the basis of the human body's biofield
  • • invasive effects of different types of electromagnetic waves can compromise the balance, i.e. the communication between the cells and their normal functioning
  • • the body has the ability to accumulate the effects of the invasive influence of electromagnetic radiation to a certain extent, so they are not visible for some time, until the level of accumulation exceeds a certain limit and causes noticeable disorders

Should we wait for the disorder to manifest?

In a living organism, all cells are subordinated to the community and work as a single system. All cells strive towards balance as a method of optimal functioning of the organism. Therefore, balance is promoted by the process of harmonization, while it is damaged by invasive effects.