Q. What does the Bioprotector do?

A. Bioprotector products provide effective protection against excessive exposure to all forms of non-ionizing radiation, by balancing deformed electromagnetic fields in the environment and harmonizing the biofield of the human body. This way it enables an undisrupted functioning of the body, and reduces or even eliminates various forms of physical and psychological problems and disorders.


Q. What are the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body?

A. Permeating every cell of the human body, electromagnetic radiation can cause various forms of physical and psychological disorders. On the physical level, it undermines the immune system, metabolic processes, deters the formation of blood cellular components, regenerative and reproductive processes, and in various other ways interferes with the normal functioning of the body, which often leads to various diseases. On the psychological level it can cause depression, aggression, fatigue, apathy and sensitivity to stress.

Q. What principle does the Bioprotector work on?

A. The unique shape and the special metal alloy of the Bioprotector effectively reduce the harmful effects of excessive exposure to non-ionizing radiation, which usually causes a deformation of the electromagnetic field and biofield of the human body and its environment.


Q. What scientific research has been done to prove its effectiveness?

A. Bioprotector products have received certificate of quality from many relevant Institutes. See them HERE

Q. Have its effects been proven in practice apart from scientific research?

A. Many people have benefited from the protective effects of Bioprotector products.

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Q. Where should the products be used?

A. They should be placed wherever we spend longer periods of time, where we sleep, rest, where we work. Place the Spatial Bioprotector under your bed, sofa, desk, kitchen table. Take it out of its box and place under your mat when exercising or doing yoga and other recreational activities. Since it is portable, take with you when you travel or go on holiday. Carry the Personal Bioprotector with you wherever you go, or use it particularly in areas where you are increasingly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Place the Bioprotector for Mobile Phones on your mobile device in order to neutralize the effects of excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and make your mobile phone your protector!


Q. Are there any harmful side effects?

A. Bioprotector products are 100% safe to use and have no harmful side effects on the human body or the normal functioning of electrical devices - we should point out that the Bioprotector is not a magnet. It can safely be placed near electrical appliances, as it has not been found to interfere with their function. In fact, a research was conducted at the request of a mobile phone manufacturer about the possibility of adverse effects on the incoming/outgoing signal of mobile phones; it determined that the Bioprotector does not in any way disturb the voltage levels or other parameters of the incoming/outgoing signal, or drain the mobile phone's battery.

Q. How long do its protective effects last?

A. Bioprotector products have an unlimited life span. Buy them once and they will last you a lifetime. It should be pointed out that even if there is some kind of damage to the packaging or the Bioprotector itself - patination, greasing or possibly getting wet - its protective properties are not reduced.

Q. How can I order?

A. Just contact a distributor near you and have your product delivered to your doorstep. See a list of distributors HERE

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