EMF protection

Bioprotector products provide effective protection against excessive exposure to all kinds of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, including 5G, by balancing deformed electromagnetic fields in our environment and harmonizing the biofield of the human body. Bioprotector products significantly reduce and even eliminate physical and psycho-intellectual disorders caused by excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation. They enable an undisrupted flow of bioenergy throughout the body and have a positive impact on its revitalization and regeneration.


Home and Office (Spatial) Bioprotector

Spatial Bioprotector provides protection from excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation within the home or office. Place the Spatial Bioprotector in its original packaging under the bed where you sleep, the sofa where you rest or watch TV, the desk where you work, in the car, or anywhere you spend longer periods of time.

bioprotector spatial products 1

Since it is portable, you can take it with you when you travel or go on holiday. If you exercise, do aerobics or pilates, meditate or do yoga, take the Spatial Bioprotector out of its box and place it under your mat without removing the protective case. It provides protection within a diameter of minimum 7 m / 23 ft.

NZD 200

Personal Bioprotector

Personal Bioprotector has been scientifically proven to provide effective protection against all forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, by balancing deformed electromagnetic fields and harmonising the biofield of the human body and its environment.

bioprotector personal products2

The product has no harmful side effects, and has an unlimited life span. Carry it with you wherever you go, in your pocket, wallet or bag. Do not remove it from its original packaging. It provides protection within a diameter of minimum 1.5 m / 5 ft.

NZD 90

Medallion Personal Bioprotector

EMF protection is very important in the modern world. So why not wear one wherever you go? Our line of Bioprotector products can be placed on your favourite personal devices, but today everywhere you go, you are surrounded by other people’s gadgets. All these laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones etc emit significant levels of harmful EM radiation. That’s why the best way to make sure you are always protected is to wear the bioprotector on your person at all times. You can wear it around your neck or wrist, on your keychain, attached to your clothes or anywhere else.

The bioprotector has its own biofield. It reduces the intensity of the radiated energy and calms and harmonizes the surrounding space. This Medallion Personal Bioprotector will protect you from the negative effects of Emfs on your energy level, your concentration and emf induced stress. The attractive and colorful design of the bioprotector medallion will look great on you, while providing you with the perfect protection from electromagnetic radiation. The lifespan of this emf protection device is unlimited. Convenient EMF protection for everyday use. Wear it wherever you go! It provides protection within a diameter of minimum 1.2 m / 4 ft.

NZD 90

Bioprotector for mobile phones

The mobile phone is the most widely used source of electromagnetic radiation. With the Bioprotector, the mobile phone will become a product that harmonizes our biofield and prevents mobile phone radiation from deforming the magnetic field, especially when coupled with other electromagnetic waves.

bioprotector mobile products 3

There are no harmful side effects, it has an unlimited life span, and will not interfere with your phone's function or drain the phone's battery. It can be attached to the back side of your device, with the indent facing downwards, It can be also placed inside the phone's cover.

NZD 70

Laptop Bioprotector

Laptop Bioprotector is specifically designed to provide emf protection from laptop computers. It reduces the harmful electromagnetic radiation produced by laptops and harmonizes the energy field around them. This reduces the amount of stress and preserves the energy, thus allowing the person using the laptop more productivity and better concentration. Enjoy all the benefits of the portable computers without suffering the consequences of the exposure to the EM radiation. Installation of this EM protector is quick and simple. Just remove the protective sticker from the back of the bioprotector and press it firmly against any part of the surface of your laptop, with the indent facing downwards.

Apply pressure for a couple of minutes and the installation is complete. The sleek design of the Bioprotector will look great on your laptop. You will easily notice a significant boost in your energy and concentration levels, as well as the absence of harmful stress as soon as you start using this product. The Laptop Bioprotector does not interfere with your device’s functioning and it has unlimited life span.

NZD 70

Laptop bioprotector

Tablet Bioprotector

Tablet devices combine the best features of mobile phones and portable computers. They offer an endless number of useful applications, wireless connection to the Internet, access to social networks and various modes of communication. However, like most other cordless and wireless devices, they emit significant amounts of harmful electromagnetic radiation. This radiation disrupts the human biofield. You may feel a lack of energy, fatigue, stress as well as many other health hazards. The Tablet Bioprotector provides emf protection from your tablet device.

Once installed, it preserves your energy levels and protects you from stress by harmonizing the distorted energy field created around your laptop . You will notice significant boosts in your concentration and productivity. As with other products from the bioprotector family, the installation of the tablet protector is remarkably simple. The smooth design of the copper Bioprotector will enhance the look of your device. The Tablet Bioprotector does not interfere with your device’s functioning and it has unlimited life span.

NZD 70

Tablet bioprotector

Bioprotector products have a number of other beneficial effects for which there is still no confirmed scientific evidence, and so we are not able to officially present them. But pay attention to whether and to what extent, plants grow faster and wilt slower, pets are cheerful, food stays fresh longer, and life becomes more productive and fuller in areas with the Bioprotector present.

Building the Bioprotector into furniture, appliances, decorative items, clothes, shoes, jewellery, toys, as well as the buildings in which we live and spend our time (residential, business, health and sports facilities), we would get a new generation of environmentally friendly products and facilities that harmonize the deformed biofield of the human body and its environment, and effectively reduce the adverse effects of excessive exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

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