Non-ionising radiation

At every moment we are exposed to various electromagnetic radiation. It is an integral part of nature, our environment and our lives, but in certain circumstances it can be harmful to our psycho-intellectual and physical abilities, and even cause a wide range of illnesses. Electromagnetic radiation can be divided into two basic types: ionizing and non-ionizing. It is a well-known fact that ionizing radiation, namely Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-rays, have a devastating impact on the world we live in. Unlike that of ionizing radiation, the energy of non-ionizing radiation cannot directly change the structure of cells and molecules, and so its danger to human health is much less considerable, but still constantly present and long-lasting, which is why it deserves our attention and caution.

There are several types of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The usual division includes cosmic, underground and technical EM radiation, but there is also organic, mental (our every thought, feeling and desire have a certain frequency range), radiation of shapes, crystals, etc.

Cosmic high-frequency radiation

Cosmic radiation has been present on Earth since its origin. Cosmic radiation includes various forms of radiation (X-rays, Gamma and UV rays, and H and infrared radiation, etc.). Presumably the sources of this type of radiation are black holes, supernovae, pulsars, and for the most part, the sun. Cosmic radiation may be harmful in interaction with other types of radiation. There are places on the Earth's surface where cosmic forces and the Earth's gravitational and magnetic fields interact, creating the so-called global grids. There are several types of global grids, most notably Hartmann's and Carry's. The points of intersection within the grid, called nodes, are pathogenic, i.e. detrimental to the physical and psycho-intellectual state of the human body.

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Subterranean low-frequency radiation

Subterranean low-frequency radiation is radiation of underground water streams, geological faults, closed cavities, mining, etc. This type of radiation can also be very harmful to the physical and psycho-intellectual state of the human body, because it disrupts the Earth's natural frequency, necessary for all normal bodily functions. Particularly pathogenic are the cases where subterranean radiation is coupled with other forms of radiation, and long-term exposure to this combination can be very harmful, and can cause a wide range of serious issues.This type of radiation can be found in its secondary form, where the primary ray encounters a metal barrier. It is a well-known fact that in modern apartments, in addition to the metal reinforcement, there is a variety of metal devices. Secondary geo-pathogenic radiation can often be more dangerous than its primary form.

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Technical electromagnetic radiation

Technical electromagnetic radiation is emitted by electronic and electrical devices man has created in the course of technological development. Technical radiation is high-frequency radiation with substantial electromagnetic effects. It is characterized by the presence of an electric charge, which is the cause of electromagnetic waves. The sources of technical radiation can be power distribution networks, power plants, transformer stations, transmitters used by mobile telephony, radio and television signals, radar transmitters, computer networks, radio and TV sets, mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers, electrical heaters and blankets, as well as various other home and industrial appliances.

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The consequences that people encounter due to the effects of the aforementioned sources of radiation are numerous. They can occur in the form of stress, headaches, anxiety, increased irritability, undefined fear, memory impairment, pessimism, introversion, insomnia, fatigue, apathy, loss of overall vitality, concentration problems, as well as various other forms. This means that there has already been a decline within the immune system, disorders of metabolic processes and fundamental cellular functions - in other words, a disharmonization of biochemical balance in the body has occurred.If this situation persists, and regenerative forces do not have enough resources to cope with the harmful consequences, it can lead to significant chronic problems, such as disorders of the digestive tract and the respiratory system, susceptibility to allergies, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, problems with the reproductive organs, glandular dysfunction and dysfunction of the circulatory system, as well as malignant diseases. The range of diseases that are caused or worsened by the effects of electromagnetic waves will fully emerge in the next couple of years, when the knowledge about this area is complete and when a more comprehensive insight is gained into the effects of excessive exposure to the "electrosmog" resulting from human activity.

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Many international and national organizations and institutions are now engaged in the research and standardization in terms of electromagnetic radiation and its impact on people and the environment. Some of the more important ones are the World Health Organization (WHO), Health Protection Agency (HPA), International Commission for Occupational Safety and Health (ICOH), International Association for Radiation Protection (IRPA) International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), European Society for the Prevention of Skin Cancer (EUROSKIN), and many others.

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